Setting Up Shop

As you may know, I have an Etsy shop, which you can visit by clicking on the link on the right side of my posts.  Etsy is great, and I have done well with it, but it has some limitations.

One of the biggest limitations is that anything you are selling has to be “vintage”, which in Etsy’s case, means more than 20 years old. As I am preparing to de-accession a number of pieces in anticipation of moving house, I find that some of the best items I’ve collected over the past few years are not yet 20 years old.

So it is with just a little fanfare, that I bring you Atelier Pigtown, which will be my additional on-line storefront presence. Atelier pigtown The shop will feature some of my handmade items, like pillows and pennants, as well as books, 3-2 004 silver and silverplate items, French Ivory cutlery imported specially from the UK, 3-2 046 china from my extensive collection of blue and white pieces, antique engravings, photographs and much, much more!3-2 018Everything will be very well priced! As you may know, I am a confirmed Junk Whisperer and treasure hunter, so I’ve acquired almost all of the pieces at a great price, which I will pass along to you. Postage will be set at a flat fee. Small pieces will be $5.00 and larger pieces will be $10. If there’s a piece which is oddly shaped or very large, I will set the price on a per piece basis. Books I have found at the Book Thing will be sold for the cost of postage, since they were free to me (and they’re marked “free book”). As I add pieces, I will be putting up a little notice on my sidebar that there are new items.

I hope that you will find something on Atelier Pigtown that you will love as much as I have!